Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tips & Tricks Ep. 7: Capture 24p, 60p (@1080p), 4K Video with the Note 3

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*Note 3 Tips & Tricks Table of Contents:
To my astonishment, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 captures video at 1080p/24p. Exactly 24.11fps. But don’t go throw away all your video cameras yet. Even though the Galaxy Note 3 is capable of capturing video at 50mbits/sec 4K file, the 24p video unfortunately is the standard compressed bitrate around 12-15mbit/sec. But at least it’s a start, and another great thing is the video is captured in a non contrasty neutral way, with the exception of the reds. This leaves room for some editing. Definitely an exciting feature for some. The Galaxy Note 3 also captures 1080p/60p video that is very smooth. Also, the 4K video doesn’t disappoint. A lot of the times, a promised resolution turns out to be scaled up, but the 4K video is really sharp. The slow motion on the other hand is below average for today’s standards, but I think if Samsung wants to, they can probably improve it by firmware because the camera is indeed very capable of much higher bitrates.

4K Video Sample:
60p/60fps Video Sample:

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  1. Great video. I really like the slow motion mode on the camera. Hope Samsung will make it even better in the future, your Twixtor edited clip looked really good.

  2. Haven't tried it yet. I'll turn it on eventually. I think it'll let you have multi user logon for security, although that sounds like it'll take up a lot of space.

  3. Love your videos. Keep up the good work. On another subject, how's the ear speaker and speakerphone. Most reviewers say call quality is good on ear speaker and mic, and others say not so good. Some say that loud speaker is good, but not great, and others say it is weak. How say you? ……….. Mahalo from Hawaii

  4. I think the speakers are a little more tinny than the Note 2. Doesn't seem to break up at max volume. I wouldn't say it is loud. As for the ear speaker, seems fine. You can boost the volume during a phone call, but I haven't had to do it.

  5. Thanks for the reply Mike. Reports are that the speakers on Note 10.1 2014 are also weak. What is it with the Koreans, they watch media, but don't listen? There is no excuse when producing new, quality products like these, that they don't have good speaker audio. Should be better speakers on 10.1 and additional stereo speaker on top of Note 3 to compliment the one on bottom.

  6. I just wanted to follow up on the speakers. I watched a movie where every sentence, you can hear a pop if you set the volume to level 12. But, surprisingly enough, when I played other audio of the same or even higher volume, the speakers didn't exceed the threshold. So I think it has to do with having to match the codec to the limitations of the speakers. Maybe updateable by firmware. Compared to the note 2, note 3 too much treble, much less bass, less natural sounding.

  7. And as for the people in Korea about listening to audio, yes there is some correlation to the culture when it comes to priority of quality of the sound from a speaker. Half the country lives in Seoul where it is crowded, loud, busy, and people senses are desensitized. So people use the earphones more often, and when they hear poor quality of sound from a small speaker, if they can hear the difference, it matters just a little less. Not everyone will agree, but it is just my assumption.

  8. Try to pinpoint it if at all possible. Samsung Keyboard has got an update to a major bug today. Other than that, I think mine has froze for about 10 seconds or so once or twice. I think it's a new OS with some bugs that will get fixed.

  9. Mike,does the Galaxy Note3 for the LG U+ cancel the support for CDMA,which is also called KPCS in Korea?I noticed that the Galaxy S4 LTE-A for the LG U+ seemed to cancel CDMA support too,is that true?

  10. The video sound quality is one of the few disappointing features on the Note 2. Have they improved the quality of the sound in videos recorded on the Note 3?

  11. yeah, my note 3 has frozen twice now.
    the first time it felt like 10 seconds – but it was really about 3 or 4 seconds
    the second time it froze was for 2 or 3 seconds

    my old HTC evo (which was also an outstanding phone, of it's era) lagged with most keystrokes, particularly near the end. and that stupid clock setting HTC had… man, it ALWAYS showed the wrong time of day for around 0.5 seconds – had to always check the time twice

  12. Thanks – EXCELLENT vid – i learned lots.

    i use the camera and video functions a whole lot – and you just added to my options.
    Peace n Joy,

    p.s. i really kind'a like the cartoon feature sometimes. turns a standard run of the mill vid clip into something interesting. / fun. Maybe you wanna show people what that it like??

  13. i know. they, the speakers, are a big improvement over any of my previous phones. but the reviews i read on the note 3 made it sound like a DJ could use 'em, thus i was disappointed.

    Plus: the stock ear-buds that come with the note 3 lack quality deep bass. the high tones are fine, but bass: not so much.

    Peace n Joy,

  14. hmmmm. Hope your right.
    – That would explain why there is less bass on ear-buds?
    – and makes a "fix" for deeper bass a reasonable possibility??

    peace n joy!

  15. Hi mike . With 4 when you select smooth motion do you know does that degrade things because note 3 should only shoot 4k at 30 fps whereas if I select 4 and smooth motion I should really get 4k 60fps. Slightly confusing

  16. I just uploaded a 4k video that I edited on Adobe Premiere and it looks good but it's still too shakey even when I used a tripod lol please check it out and help me

  17. Now while using the 16:9 ratio creates a full frame on your display it does in fact crop the picture. The 4:3 uses the full sensor. Take some pictures with both ratios and you will see. You can even see in the setting the 4:3 has more resolution.

  18. I'm have trouble editing Samsung note3 at 4k video. 
    The audio way out of Sync and a lot of Stuttering. 
     I'm using Premiere CS6  on a Mac. Any suggestion  would be helpful,
     thank you. 

  19. Hello, I have the Note 3. When I transfer my videos to my Mac Book Pro. My Audio will not sync for some reason. When I transfer to my window PC. It works like a charm. Do you know why? Do you know how I can get the video & audio to sync after transfer to Mac? Thanks

  20. hello sir, can you make a video on how to get back my note 3 camera settings back, i dont know what happened, but when i open my camera, theres no settings shows on the screen, just the front camera icon only

  21. i hope you can help me. im using sm-n9005 and i tried to record a video using the smooth motion however it doesnt go beyond 40 fps when it should be around 60fps