Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tips & Tricks Episode 47: Any App for Multi Window Unrooted/No Root Method

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*Note 3 Tips & Tricks Table of Contents:

We are especially excite to announce a the discovery for an app that will take just about any app that you have and make it work with pen window and even make it multi window compatible on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Note 2. Apps that let you do this have existed for a while now, but they all required you to root or hack your device. But this app works unrooted. You can now enable multi window for any app on any device with multi window support. It is an absolute game changer, so let’s check it out.

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  1. Honestly, this sounds too hard.. You have to uninstall and reinstall a modified version of the app, but you also said it won't work for paid apps?

    I have used the multi window function a few times, but I am thoroughly disillusioned with it. Most times I want multi-window is with productivity apps where I want a keyboard, and that experience is horrible since the keyboard completely blocks out most of the app I want to use. I found pen window even worse. Most apps I tried it with don't scale well and even for those that did I quickly found the whole thing to be just a gimmick – Note 3 is the largest mobile screen yes, but not big enough to be able to productively use multiple apps on screen.

  2. Unless I'm wrong.. This does not work with factory installed apps. I've tried google plus and Google drive and it does not work. Any one know of a solution?

  3. I needed this for feedly and google plus. It worked for feedly not for google plus. After trying I refunded the pro app. Feedly still works becuase modified apk is already installed. 🙂

  4. I tried it on Netflix and it couldn't install it back. I even tried installing it manually n still It gives me that unknown error 24. Any fix on this?

  5. This WIFI in the Note 3 is for crap…  I still can't get it to stay connected after 7 months!!! 

    How is it that my iPhone 4 (currently used as an iPod Touch) is over 3 years from my date of purchase… The 4s came out the next month, and my iPhone could get a Wifi signal from the water in my toilet, but the Samsung is garbage in regards to connectivity?!?!?!

    I have tried all of the listed steps thay i could find in forums or youtube…

    And, Samsung completely denies that there is an issue, so for me to send it back for them to do a factory return it to me is pointless.

    Is there a Wireless access point that has good connectivity to Note 3 that you know of?

    PLEASE HELP… it's the only device in my network that has prevented me from maintaining my new network setup, as it won't accept my WAP's for more than 5-10 minutes, so everything has to stay on my slow & crappy Comcast/Arris gateway because of this 1 piece of crap.  

    Please advise.

  6. This is a pleasant surprise! It sucks that it can't work with paid apps at the moment, but at least I can do it with majority of my apps 🙂

  7. Hi. Was hoping this would work with Firefox as stock browser is not good. It shows up in the multi window tray option, but Firefox no longer works at all. Even when I am accessing it from outside the MW tray. I type in a URL and it does nothing. I did the uninstall and reinstall just as the video showed. And now it's too late to 'return' the paid app. Do you have a solution or explanation? Thanks!

  8. i want to add apps to access like a shortcut on my desktop, instead of have to swipe 2 or 3 'homescreens' over to find the app i want to use.
    for example
    i want to use my google calendar, not the cslendar that comes with the note3 (it never worked properly) but i dont have anore open spaces on my homescreen. i would like to replace the calendar that comes already in the multi-window drawer with my google calendar.
    same with facebook. the mobile app sucks but no room on homescreen -and no, i don't want to keep moving homescreens) so i want to put my chrome FB link in this drawer.
    i hope that makes sense :-S

  9. Kompletter BLÖDSINN funktioniert auf keinem NOTE3 ab version 4.x.x Die knapp 2 euro kann man sich sparen es gibt keine app die man den Multiwindow von google aushebeln kann. Was er hier zeigt funktioniert nicht mit aktuellen geräten!!!!