Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Apple iPhone 5: Quick Look

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Samsung’s newest flagship goes up against the Apple flagship that is due for an upgrade. Josh takes a quick look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 up against the Apple iPhone 5.

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  1. Listen, iPhone users are so confident with their products they don't feel the need to defend their phones in online forums….  Apple iPhone users such as… Beyonce,Brad Pitt,Johnny Depp,Jen Aniston, miley Cyrus, selena gomez,kobe bryant,Tom Cruise, anjolina Jolie, tiger woods, serena williams, matt damon, roger federer, oprah,ellen deGeneres,justin timberlake and most of the celebs use the latest iPhones… they would NOT get caught dead using a low class samsung product… samsung is so much associated with indian kitchen hands and chinese shop assistants…  get real, don't deny

  2. I can't wait to buy the Samsung galaxy note 3! Apple's iPhone is behind time when it comes to innovation. The samsung galaxy note 3 records video at 4K resolution! iPhone still has a small screen and a closed minded operating system that you can't even change.

  3. Apple phones are expensive unlike samsung phones. Maybe note 3 is expensive than 5 but as the time goes by apple still maintain their values. Or maybe people just can afford to buy apple phones. 🙂

  4. @meetajhu, with a name like a japanese pokemon character its hard to take you seriously, you know fuck all about Android, do they even have any high end Android phones in India ? lmfao!
    You probably barely managed to get the Nokia Asha lol,
    you're fucking clueless! HaHaHaHaHa

  5. I've had Apple phones but could not accept that after I bought the phone they still controlled what I was allowed to do on it and then even charged me for it with apps. The best thing I've done was move to android and the freedom i now have. I had a s3 s4 and now a note 3. This phone is the best thing out there and still will be after they release the s5 until the note 4. Nothing in its league.

  6. I got a Note 3, it's a wonderful phone, but I'm tired of it. I've had it since release day. I never use all the extra features. Never used the S pen, and didn't really find the need to. I wished I would have kept my i5. I see ppl complain about the battery on it, but I never had any issues with my battery. If you're into rearranging, rooting, and a big screen to watch movies or whatever, than this phone is for you. I hate all the bloatware android puts in there phone, it's very annoying, and I'm not wasting my time on rooting a phone to be able to uninstall most of the bloatware or install cyanogenmod to make a phone faster. I'm tired of those days, the phone should come clean, not with all that garbage in it. I just like IOS because I like the facetime, texting, checking my email and listening to music. I can't facetime my friends with Android and they don't want to download tango or google hangouts.  

  7. I had a 5s and used it for 2 weeks .. i felt same like the old iphone 4s.. no change
    Upgrading to note 3 was a better choice for me…
    Apple needs to increase screen size…thtz why it is loosing customers

  8. I'm scrolling through the comments and I would like to say that the Iphone fanboys aren't intelligent as I thought they would be……..

  9. I am used to any phone that has bigger screens. I don't think I can type easily without making an error on iphone. Lol

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