Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. LG G2 Comparison Smackdown

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Lisa Gade compares the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the LG G2 Android smartphones. Check out our video review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at:
Check out our full written review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at:
Check out our video review of the LG G2 at:
Check out our full written review of the LG G2 at:


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  1. What car Audio Head Units are Compatible with the Note 3????  I seem to only find "Drive Link" App references online… but, I only find problems linking with the Note 3.  PLEASE HELP!!!   

    I really need a head unit (MirrorLink) compatible, 2 Din, Audio/Video, that will work with my NOTE 3… I'm begging for Guidance..

  2. The Note 3 is bigger, better, more ram, better camera, better battery than Anything on the market to date.  This review isnt even needed as the clear winner is the Note 3 from the start.  As far as bloat is concerned, not really an issue and if it is, root your device and remove it, problem solved.

  3. 9:54 the Samsung would be using less battery power with a black screen as apposed to the LG white screen using more battery power.  The natural non powered display is always black in color hence not using battery power (Note 3)  The LG on the other hand is using more battery power for that big display as it is white in color (being powered).

  4. Much obliged Folfarocker, however… everywhere that I research online, states that nothing for samsung note 3 seems to be working.

    I'm new to non-ios… but, the Samsung flavor of android 4.3 seems to have a "sh#&t-ton" of compatibility issues with head units. Thus, I don't want to order without verified compatibility with my phone.

  5. I am sorry I don't like this review! why from the beginning your start to boycott LG G2! I note3 is a phablet and poor design.. and look like a gadget! its absolet to show integrated stock  apps! everybody know that! they are same hardware almost! so the comparison must be around for capabilities for the next android generation update.

  6. on this video the note 3 looks much brighter.the colors look real dull on the g2.i have owned an lcd ips panel before,they are clear but have a  very poor contrast ratio

  7. 2 questions. Where did you get the cradle device you used to hold the Note3? And I currently have the Note 3, but I am contemplating returning due to its limited sync capabilities with Exchange, can't pull over managed folders. How functional is the email on the G2?

  8. G2 is just great for me 5.2inch is maximum for phone. If it have more it is phablet and i think that devices are just missing the point.. I though different but i tried htc one max and it even didnt fit in my big pockets.. 

  9. I Have Note 2 From past 1 year and I Have Hardly Used S Pen And All That touch wiz Features So They All Are Gimmick..!!
    So I Will Go With G2 Cause Note 3's feature Mostly have Come To Note 2 With 4.3 Update So Nothing New For me In Note 3

  10. Wrong @ Anthony
    ROFL, the g2, however similarly equipped to the note 3, which you mistakenly thought was better than the g2, it has less the ram, smaller screen, less the sensors, less the micro usb 3.0, with a smaller non-removable battery, and the gorilla glass 2 to the 3 on the note 3, what else, 4k recording, 120fps recording (slo mo) which the g2 can't do, NO external micro sd (have fun with your 32gb vs the 96gb possible total on the note (32 + 64gb), and it's a LG! go ahead and keep that inferior device, more notes for those of us that can appreciate bleeding edge…I can't belive you thought the g2 was better than the note 3, a device that had 3 world firsts, and is currently ranked number 1 on antutus website. .. The truth of the matter is you most likely never even held the 3…

  11. The note3 is the best phone out there my mate got the g2 and he now says he should have stayed with the note3 as the LG is a good little phone but the note is king

  12. I have both on sprint and without the s pen the note 3 is garbage. The screen sucks and even with the extra GB of ram its still slower than the G2. And on top of that at sprint the G2 is free and the note 3 is $350.00. Plus walking around with something that big just lets everyone know you have a tiny dick.

  13. hi.i hv used both.lg g2 is better considering the price and camera quality..the only advantage with note 3 is the s pen stylus which is very handy and useful if u r used to it.go with note 3 only if u can afford.