Samsung Galaxy NOTE 3 vs NOTE 2 : Worth the upgrade? an in-depth look

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Note 3 Vs Galaxy S4
This is a detailed step by step comparison review in b/w Samsung Galaxy Note III and Galaxy Note II with benchmark results, display & features comparisons. Both of these phones are equally good considering the current price & one can get any one of these to feel the real power of a true ‘SmartPhone’!

Note 3 N9000 vs N9005
30+ Tips & Tricks on Galaxy Note 3
Galaxy S4 Tips & Tricks

Camera samples

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  1. There's another option… simply change the rom
    Upgrade it to 4.3 (leaked)
    Root it
    change the ROM (one who got the features of note 3)

    and you now got yourself a note 2.5 😉

    Its not risky but you should just do things slowly but surely not to mess with anything

  2. greetings that there is no attention paid to the excellent progress that has taken note SAMSUNG GALAXY 3 is very good progress and really fast but CAN TELL ME THAT IS CALLED AS MOBILE FUND BACKGROUND HAVING ME FALL IN LOVE AND I SEE ALSO WORKS IN GALAXY S3 PLEASE KNOW ABOUT THAT NAME aNIMATED WALLPAPER YOU TELL ME … =)

  3. I am returning my new Note due to the downgrade in SNOTE features. No precision eraser and the difficulty in using formula search and shape match were the deciding factor.

  4. Note 2 still has the most of the features of note 3. ya note 3 has high speed and high resolution. If i  look at  my normal day usage then all the features of note 3  are not going to be used everyday. We have to wait for the note 2   4.3 update. First chk the updates and then if you dont satisfied then only switch over to note 3 

  5. If u have the extra money and can afford note 3… buy it… if you dont have d money… be contented in note 2…. like me I have note 2 and its doing well…. its better than iphone 5…. so its still very pleasing… that simple 🙂

  6. Physically, the note 3 looks like a note 1 with a thinner bezel and a beautifully designed back.. My note 2 still rocks and looks new. I am keeping it and not worth the upgrade in my humble opinion. 

  7. I think it's not worth the upgrade. Annoying knox pop-ups, it may overheats quicker than note 2, my note 2 degraded less than a year, maybe note 3 will too.. never heard other devices degrade. Battery life, might not be much of difference.