Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Mega

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Galaxy Note 3 on Amazon

Galaxy Mega 6.3 on Amazon

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  1. Yeah the Mega is pretty much a tablet but it is about half the cost of the Note 3 on contract. However I prefer the Note 3! Thanks for watching

  2. both are great phones but i really like the 6.3 inch screen on the mega for haming and media, note 3 has top notch specs both gpu and cpu i just wish the note 3 had a bigger screen like 6 inch at least. Anyway since i got the mega i sold my tablet no need for that anymore in fact i use my phone much more than my laptop now.

  3. I would rather have the note 3 if money was no object, but at twice as much money I don't think the note 3 is twice as good. I am going to get the mega. I have seen other reviews where they say that the mega is fast enough to play all the games and I have seen benchmarks where it is faster than the iPhone 5, so it's really not a slouch in it's own respect. It's only pushing 720p so it doesn't need as fast of a processor as the note 3 to still have good performance.

  4. How good is this phone I hope is not like one of those Samsung phone that wen New the work perfectly and then you start see some diffects with the phone £399

  5. Tough decision! I had the mega and its plenty fast and the screen is awesome…. Maybe if I get the note 3 and just hold it closer to my face it will look the same size only faster..,….hmmmmm ………….Fuk yeah! Decision made!

  6. Note 3 is good because the Phablet can easily fit into your pockets. Whereas the Mega is just too big and will just be bulging outta your pockets! I like my Note 3 too much! Beats iPhone 5s/5c/5 !!!!

  7. I cracked my Mega's screen having it in my back pocket & I didn't even realize it was cracked until I got ready to use it. I had a Note 4. Took it back & got the Note 3, but I should've kept the 4.

    I just ordered another Mega, though. The screen size got me hooked. Was gonna get the Huawei Mate 8, but I want a bigger screen lol