Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Watch On – TV Remote Demo

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This is a video demonstrating the watch on app that allows you to control you tv and change channels and navagate the settings. It works on most tv’s.
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Intro made by RavenProDesign.
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  1. Thanks Samsung! For making it easier to annoy our neighbours!

    And also for making it even more fun when visiting electronic stores, if you know what I mean…

  2. For all people having issues closing the app, try using a taskkiller.

    Whesther force app to close, disable the app or just simply uninstall it ;P

    Can't wait till my note 3 has arrived:D

  3. I got a question . So I got a note 3 and I active the app on my phone . But what I want to know is how do you remove the remote on your lock screen ? I tried everything to remove it on the lock screen but it won't move . So I install the app then it removed . So I want to hide it instead of removing the app .

  4. I am working on getting mine connected. It works with my t.v. brand so far, but having trouble with the Cable connection. Still working on it. Good vid! New Subbie!

  5. hey…i cannot add my LG air con to my watchon(NOTE 3)…as i do not have LG as the listed brands…???how can i do so or how could i update my watchon app..?

  6. Try 'IR 2.0 – Universal TV Remote'. It uses infrared instead of WIFI. It's in the Google Play Store. You can find it by searching the keyword 'wavespark'. It works just like a regular remote with infrared instead of WIFI.

  7. This is awesome. I have to be in the hospital all the time where they always have the tv on while I'm getting my treatment but the remote control is always either hijacked or nowhere to be found. Can't wait to fuck with the hospital tv muhahaha.