Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Next Launcher

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Basic white icon Next launcher Theme on Samsung Galaxy Note 3. All note s features and functions working including Magazine.


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  1. A nice and decent review. But i think you forgot about the 3d mode that this launcher has. It is a very good concept, but they have again made it a bit cartoonish. Specifically the app drawer. It would be good if we can get themes support for 3d mode as well. And one more suggestion is to try out TSF Shell. its a very decent and good launcher.

  2. Thanks for the comments. Tried most of the launchers. SPB etc and TSF they are all quite good. The 3rd mode is a bit too fast away from normal for me on the next launcher. I was always a big fan of Apex. Ran much smoother on the HTC one X than sense.

  3. The launcher is Next launcher. But Apex will work just as well. The clock widget is from one weather. Choose the largest widget with the search bar attached. Set the font to white. The clock face to custom. And the background to light.

  4. WHICH next launcher is this? When i search playstore for Next launcher I get a LOT of GO 3D Launcher apps and Who's the developer….that would make it easier to find. Is this a GO Theme?

  5. It's called next launcher 3d I gave uploaded videos today on apex launcher and Aviate Launcher also uploading a video on themer launcher now subscribe to get info as I upload. Thanks for watching.