Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – 50+ Tips & Tricks, Hidden Features & Gestures you ‘Must Know’

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Galaxy Note 4 top 50 Tips & Tricks by Gadgets Portal!
S6 EDGE tricks!
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the latest offering from the company and as expected, it has blown us away with its new and innovative features, gestures and tweaks. The purpose of this video isn’t point out top 50 tricks that you will love to know. Hope you will enjoy watching this video review on the greatest smartphone of 2014!

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  1. I am going to get this phone tomorrow.. and this vidio will make me more knowledgeable than The SAles PErson. Brilliant Vidio.

  2. i will get thw note 4 soon. ordered it today. and as i enjoy finding out things myself, i find it pretty Nice to be prepared to what i can do. thanks ^^

  3. Hello Sukesh. I watched this video and immediately subscribed to your channel. I have ordered a g4 and did not realise that it has so many features so thanks for your time in producing a very useful video.