Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera Tips, Tricks and Features

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Everything you need to know about using the Galaxy Note 4 camera.

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  1. Just got a brand new out out the box galaxy note 4 out of the box. And love it but cant get the best out of camera. In short the settings menu icon is not on screen when you activate the camera, and I cant find a way to add it or access it threw any of the general setting option. HELP ANY TIPS how to fix this issue.??

  2. Great Review!!!! I've had my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 since july of 2015! still a beast of a phone ! won't upgrade to another Note Series until they bring back the IR Blaster, Removable Battery ( Or Bigger Atleast 5000 Mah If Possible! ) and a better camera with Atleast 20 Mega Pixels ( Note 4 is still good tho just saying ) and whatever else is possible. Samsung is capable of amazing things and what they do however, sometimes they Add & Subtract things . you can't get what you want but they learned from the S6! and all the complaints.. but all in all. great review ! thumbs up & and I'm subscribing!!! Cheers!! ???

  3. can You help me I am 14 Just got my note 4 3 weeks ago or something and my note 4 camera is yellow Color effects are off it says and it is unsharp I bought it not New camera glass is cracked has it something to do with that or how to fix