Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge+ hands-on!

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ are here, and we have our first hands-on time and impressions here for you to take in. There’s so much more to these phones, though, so be sure to follow our full coverage at !

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  1. Since Samsung wants to be Apple so bad, they should rename the Galaxy Note 5 to Galaxy S6 Edge "Plus" with a pen. Been with Samsung for a while and currently have the Note 4. If the Note 6 doesn't make a significant jump, I'll probably go Nexus. Love my Note 4 and I don't like that Samsung got rid of the removable SD card & battery. I'm more interested in the Note 6 and what it will offer when I'm looking at my next phone.

  2. No removable battery not a big deal for me but when it comes to non expandable 128 gigabyte SD memory slot is a deal breaker for me I'll skip this release and wait for the next one.

  3. Yup, Not going near them since I can't change the battery/SD, It's a shame cos I was thinking about upgrading my Note 3 (which I love, since I went back to Kit Kat 4.4.2) if it wasn't for my revert to 4.4.2, I'd have never gone back to Samsung after the complete wreck they made of the Lillipop iOS introduction…. I'll not go near them unless they give us access to change the battery and SD.

  4. I call B.S. the Note 5 footprint is way smaller than the Note 4's . Do not know how you came to that conclusion since anyone that has used both of them can see a huge difference. Not that I would buy the piece of crap with no SD card slot and no removable battery. There is no valid excuse for removing features and this Note not only lost those features but also lost the ir blaster/remote feature. Samsung can count on losing a lot of customers due to this Tech pundit ass suckery ! Why they thought that build was the cause of down trodden sales is beyond me. Now they have just alienated a large part of their customer base. Which in turn will just exacerbate their sales problem when all along it was just market saturation and not build quality to blame for slower sales !