Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Flexible Display Variant

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Flexible Display Variant 2015

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  1. Their will never be a cheaper note because the note line is their higher end line. If u want cheaper that's were the note 2 comes in. There was a note 2 with a snapdragon 600 chip on the FCC a few months back .

  2. thats what I actually read and forgot to mention, they said that samsung didn't want to ruin the Premium name of the Note 3 with a entry level version, thats why they didn't announce one with the Note 3. still they can be one thats just as big but lower specs. I do see what you mean though it is still basically a note 2. or they can make a mini and have all the features of the Note 3. Like air command and what not. you never know some companies will do anything for money.

  3. so you read the title and thats it then? a flexible screen as I stated can be for more that just being flexible. you can also use it to save space and its almost indestructible. and who said the s pen only works on a hard surface? I'm sure that you can activate a feature called Air command without even touching the screen.

  4. flexible, think like a rubber band you can hit it and bend it but it wont brake. Now take that concept and put it in a phone it would be able to with stand almost any damage to it. How many people have you seen with a smash Smartphone? Also it could be flexible im just stating that this way would probably come first if anything. Baby steps.

  5. Note sure … I can definitely imagine a flexible galaxy gear screen coming around the corner though. Flexible screens and wearable tech seem made for each other.

  6. What would the resolution of a flexible display be? Also, why would they use it? The only realistic point I see is that it would be indestructible and thinner. Could it be that they will use the screen without glass in-between? Other than that, I don't see much of a point. It's not like we're going to be getting flexible phones anytime soon, though that would be really cool to some people.

  7. According to Asian Daily, they have a spokesman from Samsung on the record confirming that the launch of the said device would be next month.It has already been reported that both LG and Samsung are readying production of flexible displays.

  8. Don't believe this is true but a flexible display on the note 4 next year is more believable, but I wouldn't be surprised if this comes out because like you said companies will do anything for profits and Samsung probably wants to be the first company to release new technology to consumers.

  9. Im Korean so…
    Yeah,. Galaxy note 3 with 'unbreakable display' (not a flexible display) is coming earlier Oct as unlimited edition.
    This quantity will be 10% of Galaxy note III
    Samsung said for making flexible battery, it will take 3~5 years

  10. Korea is were the source for all this came from, and October was the date they said it would be least theirs people like you who understand that something made for a purpose like a flexible screen does not have just one purpose. (like a watch over the years is not a smartwatch)

  11. I would imagine, since Sammy has already made a few concepts, they'll start using these flexible screens so that it can wrap around the edges of the phone, that way if you have a flipcover of some sort, you'll be able to see sms, emails, and notifications scroll across the part that is not covered

  12. Limited Edition Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with flexible display rumored to launch next month. This is being reported from ,phandroid, phonearena, sammobile, pocketnow, and More. Some of the top android related sites are talking about this but when I say something people call BS. its a conversation people?

  13. I really hope they make this new note with even more battery capacity and that "drop resistant" display. that would just be effin awesome and i would buy it instantly

  14. I just don't see them making a flexible screen on any phone with a stylus. The concept of a stylist is to use it with a flat surface. It'll be very uncomfortable if the screen bends while trying to use your stylus. Plus I just don't see any reason to create an flexible screen unless its a watch.