Samsung Galaxy Note 5: S-Pen Tips, Tricks and Full Tutorial

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

In today’s video, I want to share all the tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s S-Pen. I will go every feature in detail in a tutorial format so you guys gain total mastery of the S-Pen for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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  1. 95 % features r similar to Note 4
    . is there anything like writing the math/chemistry formula n directly searching it just as it used to be in the previous NOTES ?


  2. Question:

    Hi just got my Note 5. I am upgrading from a note 3. One thing that I haven't figured out and didn't notice in your video is that on the Note 3 you could write a name and phone number and then click an option and it would highlight the name and number let it call from the action memo, add to contacts, email etc. I am still trying to find that

  3. Saki. this is verz helpful. as I just got the Note 5 less than two weeks ago, But one thing I'm still totally mysterified about, which you didn't meention: what is the damn "clicker" on the side of the S Pen for? thanks so much

  4. Hey Sakitech, Finally I have been able to find this tutorial on the gal note S pen.
    Just a thought. please let us know when you are clicking the side button when you are using the pen, for me I would like to know this way I dont lose something I need. Also I like using the pen and making notes but I have tried again and cannot for the life of me figure out how to rename them. can you please help me.

  5. do you need to apply much pressure for s pen to be recognised by the phone or our is feather smooth? note 3 and neo versions had much pressure requirement which was cumbersome

  6. Thank you for such an informative video. I have a note 4 and many of the features of the s pen are the same as the note 5. However this video helped me to determine if I should try and purchase the note 5. Sadly the software is different on the background settings. It has less to chose from. I will now wait for the note 9 if it comes out. I enjoy my note 4. It isn't until now that I'm enthused more about the pen. Thanks again.