Samsung Galaxy Note 7: S-Pen Tips, Tricks, and Full Tutorial

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In this video, Saki will give you a complete tutorial on how to use the S-Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and master all the tips and tricks.

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  1. It was worth watching these 16 minutes to learn the one thing I did not know:  that I can hover over a text field and get an icon to switch to handwriting input.  Very cool!  I had downloaded Google's handwriting keyboard to get that ability, but of course, that involved switching back and forth from one keyboard to another….a very clunky solution. Glad you told us about this!

  2. great video. very clear and good speed. thanks! if you have time please explain other functions like taking notes. my phone is international version and I dont see voicemail icon in phone app…i see a camera in that place instead. also, there is a setting to identify unsaved numbers calling, and I could not find it….many thanks.

  3. One feature I used all the time on Note 5 while doing image editing is the ability to pick the color of the pen from a color on the photo using the common "dropper" tool. Lets say for example I had a great picture of myself but noticed a big mustard stain on my shirt. I could use the dropper to select the color of my shirt and more or less make the stain go away. I cannot find this function anywhere with the Note 7! I have looked under every "pen" type and seemingly every sub-menu, but I cannot find the dropper anywhere. Someone please tell me this is not the case and I am simply overlooking it. If it is in fact the case and there is another app that I should be using to edit photos with S Pen functionality, please enlighten me. I cannot figure out why they would have decided to get rid of this simple but useful tool.

  4. Hi Saki, interesting review, can you help me? I’d like to buy this phablet, but I’d like to know, if you or someone can try this software "Japanese Kanji Study" ( and testing the section “Drawing practice”, to know if recognition of ideograms works with the pen (if it’s possible writing them and recognizing with the software into an area sensible to touch, without pen I can use the fingers to write). Thanks 🙂

  5. Esse iria desbancar o Iphone 7 plus, mas com as falhas da engenharia da bateria, não chegou aqui no Brasil por causa das combustões que ele causava. Era muito perigoso para uma pessoa sofrer queimaduras desse aparelho!

  6. I'm 59yrs old educated man grew up in Lynnfield ma. I have the Samsung note four s-pen and i just did the same thing with my s-pen which air command and the black pen on the side while you were doing it i moved the black pen over on the top and it said delete

  7. When I remove my s pen when Note 8 is asleep I can write a note but there is only a save option….there is no pin to screen option.
    What is wrong here?

  8. Hey thanks very much for everything YouTube video you put up. I have learned quite a bit and thank you! But, one thing I need to find out is how in the world you download another language? We seem to be missing the language from Vietnam and I need to get it download it. Any ideas on how to get that language on my list? Thanks