Samsung Galaxy Note 8 | 3 Months Later

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  1. J. Williams I love my Galaxy Note 8, so does my fiance. Of course when I upgrade to the newest, latest and greatest Samsung Note device, she's gotta have one too.
    But I also picked up the Zizo Atom Series case for my Note 8, the Red color. This case is fantastic. Love they use tempered Glass for the back of the case, I absolutely love the way the Red case looks with my Black Note 8. Great color combo, considering I can see the black back. Thanks for the recommendation on the Zizo Atom Series case. One of the best cases I have bought in a long time. I appreciate the case videos, as well as ALL your other videos. You are a great YouTube Content creator. Hopefully you'll get to 100,000 Subs soon.

  2. if it had as good of cameras as the HTC U11 +, U11, U Ultra it would then be a hella of a beast. Mr. JW Dub have you checked out the LG V30 yet? One more thing you mentioned you wish it had the Exonyos processor…Why ?

  3. I've had my Note FE for 6 months and have experienced zero slow down since purchase. Their new built-in optimization features, are no gimmick. Tempted to buy the Note 8, since my Note FE hasn't depreciated since launch and in some instances, has actually increased in value.

  4. Hey, I'm guessing you're also in the Philly area? For some reason I never managed to put a case on mine and it still looks as good as it did on launch day.

  5. I totally agree this is the first samsung phone with no lag on touchwiz! 6gb of ram is awesome, ram management is superb! imagine when the stable Oreo is on this beast 😉 i have a deep blue sea color 😉

  6. my brother . I hate myself bcoz am a professional photographer and I've been using iphones all my life and I've been talking shit over android phones but upgraded from the iPhone 7plus last month to the note 8 which am watching this video on and did I go wrong? NO!!! Apple is a rip off this phone screen is so beautiful makes me wanna slap my mama. And the battery last forever

  7. I’ve have the Note 8 about three months too and i do love the phone… but… it hasn’t been perfect. Right about the October update I had experienced phone locking up a few times at the AOD when charging and have to force reboot the phone a few times. It’s been ok recently so I’m hoping an update may have resolved it but wondering if you had experienced any odd glitches
    Like that. They have been people posting similar type freezes on forums and all seem to happen after the October update.

  8. I just got mine a week ago. Coming from the Pixel 2 XL I feel like it could have a better battery life, but it isn't bad but it's not great either. And if it had a fingerprint sensor more like a the Pixels then it would be better. Curved screen also needs to go away.

  9. That Is One Of Samsung's Best Most Splendid Phones Indeed…They REALLY Stepped Up And Recovered More Than Very Well~Since The Galaxy Note 7… Especially With The Massive 6.3 Inch Display…

  10. In my experience, fast wireless charging works really well. Its pretty fast in my opinion. I think it depends on what brand of qi charging you're using.