Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – A Real Day In The Life!

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It’s phone season and time for another REAL Day in the Life. This time we take you with us throughout our day using solely the Note 8 as we test its features like the S-Pen, the dual cameras, live focus, and even the Note 8 battery life. Be sure to hit the like button if you like this review format.

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  1. Did you use the Dual Sim option ? How does that work ? I have 2 phones , i have an S8 and my secondary phone is a Sony Z5 compact. Im really tired of having 2 phones. Is it worth it ? To pay all these money in order to have the dual sim option ? 🙂

  2. Honestly , the Note 8 should be able to use its full screen like the s8 plus. But unfortunately it does not which sucks. Samsung Sucks for that. But Love your videos and I think you do the best Reviews on phones.

  3. Watching this with a Note 3 that i´ve had since day 1, and it still does the job, and i never cracked the screen, but Samsung finally did it…
    They made me want a new phone, im so in love…

  4. I like the spen. Thank you mentioning the battery. Samsung need to fix that battery situation. How was the navigation? Did it make you go different places or loose your location on the highway?

  5. That's why I choose to go with the S8 plus instead. Battery life is insanely good on the S8 Plus, I get 7 hours of on screen time with the S8 Plus. And I don't really have any need for the S Pen at all. S8 Plus is an amazing device, by far the best device I've ever used.