Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – A True User Review

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After using the Note 8 for six full weeks as his daily driver, Eber describes his experience with one of the most expensive smartphones ever made. If you’re purchasing this in CAD… we’re sorry.

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Review unit provided free of charge by Samsung Canada. This video is sponsored by Toshiba OCZ. As per HWC guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer. All purchase links listed in the description have Hardware Canucks AMAZON monetary affiliation.

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  1. I am your new subscriber. That was a very detailed (not concentrating on the minutiae) explanation. Keep up the good work. Really helps in decision making. Cheers!

  2. I would switch RIGHT away if apps were more optimized and dint lag also ntm google dint spy on you this is a huge deal breaker I don't care about customization at all but the phone is nice if only those problems were resolved id buy one.

  3. Even on the days i used the GPS for 2 hours, watched videos for 1 hour, and did all the regular phone stuff, I came home with plenty of battery left. I have the unlocked version from samsung. the battery has been amazing. writing with the S pen feels way better and optimized than writing with my surface pro 4. Amazing phone for productivity. I have not needed my battery pack since I went from S8 to Note8.

  4. Had the s6 until the release of the s8. Neither have slowed down at all, but before them I had them I had the Galaxy nexus and that phone significantly slowed down over time

  5. My worst experience so far with the Samsung S8 is when i tried to restore my phone from my latest samsung backup only to find out that settings and data within applications were actually not restored. For example all my photos from photovault have been permanently lost into oblivion.I know this is a third party issue since it is not directly samsungs fault but when i tried the same thing on the IPhone it worked perfectly. They need to sort that stuff out. Regardless i still upgraded from the S8 to the Note 8. I just wont depend on their backup in that way ever again

  6. Great vid. So much more impressed with the hardware of the Samsung phones. Looking to trade in an iPhone 7 and old MacBook Air for a Galaxy Note _ and Dell XPS 15. Just need the $$$ and to get off contract.

  7. I just got a NOTE 8 2 weeks ago and my old phone was a NOTE 5. To be totally honest set aside the bling i was happier with Note 5. My Note 8 lags. Typing messages became a full time job. I did everything from lowering the pressure of typing to putting the phone on safe mode. It still lags. Today i do an extra swipe and double tap on letters 30% more. Im phoneless at the moment- since my phone just exceeded the 7 day return period of our carrier(Globe-Philippines) they told i had to have it serviced. Wow all that money and your stuck with a brand new phone that only in 2 weeks is gonna be opened up and serviced. I miss my note 5.
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  8. If you're going from 100% to 0% multiple times to test the screen-on time, you are totally killing your battery. Even just a few back to back times will kill the total capacity of a Li- battery.

  9. just got me a note 8 and its been real good so far. battery life is way better than my previous phone. which was a galaxy J7 basically a buget smart phone. So yeah such a huge upgrade to me. Glad I purchased it. ?

  10. I thought it was from browsing Porn I went through 8 Samsung phones was thinking of converting to Apple, they all slow down & the battery life gets shorter, exactly what u said, 1st Time I'm researching it though Thanks for the Tips!

  11. I have been using S8+ from over 4 months and it was annoying and lagging while multi tasking but since the new update this week,…It has been really amazing. I really hope they can improve the portrait mode through software updates, it's always a hit or miss while trying to take a shot through portrait mode. but overall it's one of the best smartphones I have used and I have been a iphone user from last 5 years or so and I am not regretting it.