Samsung Galaxy Note 8: All the rumors in one place

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  1. I just read a firbes anouncement that the Note 8 will be $1200!! No way I will spend that when there are a bunch of other phones with the dual camera already, I will stay with my S7 edge till the S9 comes out. what a disapointment, I was really lookong forward to it.

  2. Hi Lorraine. The original Note is a good size and shape. Would be great if they could keep that size but have the top and bottom bezels thinner so a bigger screen. Would be excellent

  3. To add an IR blaster, Google Ataps Radar sensor, magnetic resonance wireless-anywhere-in-the-room-charging, LI-Fi Hi speed LED Wi-Fi compatibility and Intel Sense Total Darkness Facial recognition technology that I have on my Asus Transformer Pro 3 and love it, would make this the world's best phone for years to come.