Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Hands-on

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Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 8 puts its stylus to good use.

See our hands-on with the phone:

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  1. My god, when does this endless war between Apple and Samsung fanboys finally end? I don’t see the point why so many people would waste their time for a stupid discussion about which phone is better. They are just some phones. Get a life.

  2. So disappointed . I had fate in the note 8 i had 5k $ for aleast 5, of this note 8 . But u let me down again Samsung :'(.
    Huawei mate 10 ur my only hope now :).

  3. the redesign of the back and fingerprint placement maybe hideous but the phone is not that bad overall great design overall.
    btw that ambient music was so soothing.

  4. "Remember last years exploding Galaxy note ?" Well Samsung hopes to wipe those away with this crazy ass price tag! Less battery a stylus and a bigger screen does not justify a nearly 1000 dollar phone. I love Samsung but I am not paying that for a phone any day.

  5. Actually I don't remember last years exploding Note 7 and I had both versions of the Note 7. I do remember a FORCED recall with a 50% battery limit update.