Samsung Galaxy Note 8 hands-on review

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is official and we’ve got our hands review of the S Pen toting flagship live. 6.3-inches of QuadHD Super AMOLED screen goodness paired with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity and all the power you’ve come to expect from Samsung flagships – this time, paired with 6GB RAM.

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  1. I had the Note 7 and went through a lot of trouble. I went back to the iPhone 7 after that drama. I miss the stylus dearly, but I need reliability and Apple has never let down. I switched from the iPhone 5 to the Note 4 because of the stylus. If Apple ever releases an iPhone with a stylus, Samsung is done!!!

  2. Srsly people, the explosion jokes are SO old by now. Just lame to joke about that now that we all know how secured this note is.

  3. I was looking at specs of the note 8, concerned about connection in out lying areas. All I have seen do not show near as many bands supported as the s8 or s8 plus when compared side by side. Is connectivity backward compatiable as good as any other?

  4. Im from 3017 and I sold my galaxy note 8 and now im rich, im just kidding its the wasteland north korea really wanted us dead and now I kill and eat my enemies… Oh sorry gotta go raiders are here to take my phone away time to kill bye.