Samsung Galaxy Note 8 hands on

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The Galaxy Note 8 is back! Like the last one never exploded, Samsung is introducing a new Note with dual cameras, a massive screen, and of course a stylus. Will this GIF-making, note-taking phablet live up to the best parts of the Note’s heritage, or the worst? Subscribe:

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  1. Wrap Screen – I really hope this fad goes away. You end up having to kind of balance the phone in your hand to use it so you never have a good grip on the phone… really fun when you are standing at the train station in a crowd. The screen protector won't stay on and pops off if bumped because of the curve.

    Picking it up and down is a challenge because If you are doing maps then it swipes & you can't see where you are or it pauses your music or Side panel slides out or top panel slides down. Just a real pain.

    I absolutely love everything about this phone ….. except for the curve which I wish I could turn off.

  2. lmao i hate android so much i cant deal. I love my Note 5 it is perfect but now it lags af and dont say its 2 years old and stuff that should not matter…i dont want to have to buy a new sammy every few years….this note 8 better not lag lol