Samsung Galaxy Note 8 In-Depth Review by an iPhone User of 10 Years [4K]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is my first Android Phone. This is what I think about it as an iPhone “Power User”. I also compared it to my current main phone iPhone 7 Plus. I’ll be comparing it to the upcoming iPhone 8 and iPhone X as well.

I hope you enjoy this review.

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  1. There is no way you can use the phones the same way and get 35% on one and 70+% on the other. The gaps are not that big and it has been noted that iPhones are worse off in battery life so I suspect some bias especially after looking at reviews for the iPhone 8 plus and X and one Plus 5T and Note 8, iPhone battery life is worse mainly because they gave the processors free reign and so they are faster than android phones but unnecessarily so because it creates upto 45 mins battery life difference, as in even car manufacturers are reducing use of "unnecessary"' V10s and 12s because practicality plays a big role in those decisions.

  2. oké for real
    im a Android man…
    but i can choose a new iPhone and im thinking of the note 8 or Huawei p10 pro of yes yes the iPhone 8 plus(if i understand de iOS finally) ? your channel is super do! which iPhone you think is the best for me..
    i want a fast phone and a good camera and for word a good calender etc… strong and a good batterylife so iphonedo tell me you know

  3. first time watching your videos, this was an amazing comparison! as a Samsung fan you actually showed me little things IOS has on their phones i didn't even know i wanted! Just as you were shocked to see common features on Android i seem to have taken for granted. Also for some reason i wish you were my dad.

  4. Same with all previous samsung phones. Shitty battery life because of useless gimmicks and features that people will never use in real life

  5. Team iPhone X bitches fuck some android yeah I’m gonna talk that cash shit just like all you android fags do haha feel like talking shit never do because I know which phones better at the end of the day ? biiiiiiiiiioooooootch

  6. I just got my note 8 yesterday ahhhhhh ghosh its display is the best i have seen in ages (used iphone 8 plus for two months but its zeroooooooooooooooo compared to note 8)

  7. The guy looks dead serious when you look at him for the first time. But as you keep watching the video you realize he’s so funny!! I like the review. I was laughing all the time. Funny and informative. I like it ??