Samsung Galaxy note 8 introduction (concept)

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Samsung Galaxy note 8 Introduction,

Samsung Galaxy note 8 Introduction, the first Hi-End Samsung with dual cam

In this conceptual video i created that the shows the Samsung Galaxy note 8 with dual camera and the fingerprint scanner embed within the display itself.
It fully showcases what the Samsung Galaxy note 8 will probably look like, but here might be a difference and that is that the 3 speakers will still be the single one on the bottom.

And it’s unkown what the button on the left low is. Could be a camera button wich I would honestly love to see more!

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Software used:
Moddeling: Maya or 3dsmax
Animation: Keyshot 5


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  1. To add an IR blaster, Google Ataps Radar sensor, magnetic resonance wireless-anywhere-in-the-room-charging, LI-Fi Hi speed LED Wi-Fi compatibility and Intel Sense Total Darkness Facial recognition technology that I have on my Asus Transformer Pro 3 and love it, would make this the world's best phone for years to come.

  2. I wish they would release a Galaxy S8 sized version that is that thin. Also with matte finished because glossy is ugly.

    But meh it won't be 4K (VR) and won't have an embedded touch sensor so I'll pass anyway. Another year with half-assed devices.

  3. Hell yeah another all glass phone with curved screen that I have to cover up with military grade armor so it doesn't crack!
    The days of naked phones are over clearly. Samsung S5 was a naked sexy phone for 3 years without any damage. I drop my S8+ onto a counter and it looked like a North Korean nuclear bomb hit my screen.
    Hopefully Samsung will impress me again when they factor in reliability again.
    Cool phones coming out, but the design doesn't mean shit when I gotta throw a $25 Spigen cover on the bitch.

  4. Guys , Samsung is the best company for smartphones , I admit , but the only things that apple is better that It doesn't lag after second year , what you think guys ?

  5. Мне кажется или это намного лучше чем IPhone X и 8 потому-что стоит поменьше а разница небольшая.

  6. I scanned my right index finger in, to lock the phone. But any of my fingers will unlock the phone!
    I'm gonna ask that cute girl next store if I can use her finger…….to see if it unlocks, you perv!