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Our full list of Must Have Apps for the Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Side Sync:
Swiftkey Keyboard:
Google Photos:
Google Keep:
Wallpapers QHD:
Google Wallpapers:
Fingerprint Gestures:
Google Duo:
Samsung Video App:
HD Widgets:
Wave Control:
KineMaster for Samsung:
Note Buddy:
Nova Launcher:

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  1. Yes someone that has my exact preference on SwiftKey Keyboard I've been using it for 5 years now and it knows how I type.

    I use Colornote it's simple and syncs across my devices.

    I use Videoder for my YouTube downloader plus it can do more like Facebook and others.

    For watching local files I use MX Player Pro the free version is just as good the only difference is ads but it can play any file especially once you get the one codec if you need it for your situation which that codec is only needed if you watch movie files.

  2. Learning so much from your videos on the Galaxy Note 8! Went from a Galaxy S3 to the Note 8 & I'm overwhelmed! Trying to learn all I can to make the most use of all the features. Thanks for your help & I'll keep watching till I find all the awesome features =)

  3. Just got my Note 8 and was browsing "tips and tricks" videos. You've got some great tips here. I've just spent the last 30 minutes installing a lot of these. Thanks a lot.

  4. Nice video, i probably gonna try Nova.

    Just wondering.. Why you recommend some apps which you just open for the first time when this video was made? Cheers.

  5. When I click on your links it says this site could be dangerous to your phone…why is that? Also I can't find fastcustomer in the play store

  6. Can't find PhotoScan by Google Photos when I do a search on the app store. When I use your link it takes me to a download site, but gives me the option to "open in the Google Play Store.

    When I click that link it takes me to the app in the app store… BUT…. It tells me my the app isn't "compatible with my device!" my device is the Galaxy Note 8! What's up with that!?

  7. Great Video !! Thanks !! Liked ! what would you recommend for a good contact manager with reminders that works good for a Note 8?? I am trying to keep up with hundreds of people and when they need to be contacted again and i am tearing out my hair!! 🙂

  8. Why hasn't any reviewer noted that the Note8 and it's siblings lack multiple USER ACCOUNTS like found on other androids? Use accounts are not the same as having a Secure Folder where you can only hide files. Use Accounts are like you find on a PC where one can sign in and out e.g. Guest Account. These allow you to share your device with family members without risking your confidentials because they can simply use another User account while yours is locked like we do on computers. It's a terrible Samsung sickness because the feature is there on every level of Android software from 5.0 up and all other phones have it except Samsung who actually intentionally disable it. This is a major drawback that keeps us going back to other makers though we may like the Samsung experience.