Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Official Samsung Cases

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Official Samsung Cases
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– Rugged Case With Kickstand
– S-View Flip Cover
– LED Wallet Case
– Alcantara Case
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  1. Hi Flossy Carter,
    Please let me know your opinion on the flip covers vs the Alacantara/Spigen case. I would like to know if flip covers provide adequate protection to screen and edges as compared to Alacantara/Spigen cases.

  2. I got both Alcantara and Rugged, just want to get your opinion on glass protective film, do you recommend to use? do we need this? please share me your thought.

    P.S. my personal opinion is that glass is quite obvious additional layer on top of screen, and if phone dropping will be broken anyway if screen hit. Film is useless and protect for only scratching..

  3. (Samsung wallet cover)On the second case, it will not protect your phone. I had my phone 2 days with that case. It's very slippery and slipped out of my hand, the flap opened up and the phone fell face down on the concrete driveway. Phone screen cracked so bad I had to send it back. STAY AWAY FROM THAT CASE, IT WILL NOT STAY CLOSED.