Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Preview!

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Preview! The galaxy note eight may have the biggest display in any premium galaxy ever and also the first dual camera from Samsung.

It’s always tough to tell what a company is working on in advance, but I rounded up the very best in Samsung Galaxy Note 8 news, rumors, leaks, and also applied some educated, guesswork that’s why the video may contain some features which are actually not included in the phone.Enjoy the Production!

Phone Renders:
Concept Creator-
DBS Designing-

Burn Water – Hide Water
JackLNDN – Aeterna

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  1. first dual camera my ass, you morons, chinese did it way before samsung, even one plus 5 did before you. meh fucking advertise! for expensive af phone, not worth the price….

  2. I am disappointed at the foot print. I understand that it is adopted for the VR gadget but not all of us are interested in this gadget. I have been waiting for a footprint similar to the Note 3. at the very least a 3.5 width.

  3. I love my Note 3 phone, is already 4 years old but the charging part is mess up(my foult) but I'm scared to get the new one and then be a horror of a phone like the note 7.

  4. Stoked, stoked and stoked! I've only ever had Notes and I've waited long enough for its return! I can't wait to sell this iPhone 6 (it was a test run and I want my android back).

  5. I have ordered mine and it will be delivered August 29th through Xfinity mobile. Mine however will be the Plus. Check out Xfinity mobile. Low monthly payment plan over the course of two years. And I have bad credit. But I bundled it with my Xfinity wifi.

  6. Many companies have issues with batteries. People put the issue that Samsung had out of proportion just because they are a bigger company than others.