Samsung Galaxy Note 8 “Real Review”

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 “Real Review”
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  1. Yo what up Flossy! New follower here appreciate you G, question though boss, what widget or app is that for your clock and weather on your home screen it looks dope?

  2. Dude, you sold me on this phone! Now it's under my Christmas tree! And I'm totally with you on the color bullshit. I wanted the Deep Blue version, but of course, T-Mobile doesn't have it.

  3. flossy and erica…two best reviewers on the tube!! thx for another great review…even if i'm not interested in a particular phone you're reviewing, you're still fun to listen to– 😀

  4. This is my favorite tech channel honestly, Flossy, your not biased or one-sided and you say everything you dont like and everything you do like which in my opinion is what makes a great reveiwer. Yeah my Samsung ass will always go towards samsung but I always keep an open mind while watching your Apple videos because your videos are not one-sided and are honest, great work and keep it up?