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  1. Android 8.0 Galaxy Note 8: *** FRP UNLOCK SUCCESSFUL ***
    Truly amazing. I just purchased a Note 8 about 2 weeks ago only to have it still connected to a individuals gmail account. Although the phone was functional I was not the master account holder on the phone so it obviously created technical issues. With this video breakdown of the steps to unlock my Note 8 w/ android 8.0 I was able to the 2nd attempt. The first would have been sufficient however my grandkids squirreled me and I was forced to restart. Now some phones do not allow you to repeat such steps without it slipping into ultra security mode which then makes it even harder to crack. Great news is, if you mess up the first time and have to restart always try to do it without repeating the "Factory Data Reset" , but if you must just make sure that the pause feature on your video options remains your best friend. As I must have used it 20 to 30 times in the 1.5 rounds it took me to complete it successfully. Now as it is unfortunate that you can not ask direct questions, I am on here frequently as I run into the situation constantly, I will check back as often as possible cause I understand the frustration and eagerness in getting it done. Thanks to you all who created this video it was one of the easiest by far. Just wish you would have added the bonus of a carrier unlock at the same time. Did not realize it until I was done,. But for those of you who need to know if "ANY WORKING SIM CARD" will do….. This Note 8 is a AT&T carrier locked phone and my sim card is an unlocked TMobile, so yes. It just has to have service.
    If anyone reading this knows another logical explanation please post a comment and let me know. This is just what makes sense to me. Thanks again and I look forward to my subscription with you guys. I will be sharing.