Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: A $1000 Android!

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Galaxy Note 8 checks a lot of boxes. But is it worth the extra cash?
Note 8 (Unlocked):
Galaxy Note 8 skins:

Galaxy S8 Review:
Galaxy S8 (Unlocked):

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  1. Like the way you present the video, clear and concise Have had mine a few days without any issue other than signal strength. My old LG Vista always shows full bars at home while the note only hit 3, odd!

  2. You guys stop wasting your money buying new phones every time a new one comes out there you go upgrading a new phone, I say wast of money especially when it seems like every 6 months there is a new one coming out.
    You what I still use my Samsung galaxy S3! Laughable right? Yeah but I still receives and make calls with it and all my outlook and gmails emails and texting. I am not going to keep feeding the beast at all.
    Actually the valet parking MF in Washington DC stole my phone and I am forced to upgrade, Those MFs in DC man! Beware of valet parking don't leave your valuables in your car people.

  3. Samsung needs to bring back the IR Blaster. I used to control my TV with my Galaxy S6. Then when I upgraded to the Galaxy S8+ I found out the IR Blaster was taken out of the S7 and S8 versions. Which sucks major ass. My phone is by me at all times (and I'm sure this is the case for everybody else who has a cell phone) so having the IR Blaster to control my TV(s) is a major convenience.

  4. Great video the Samsung note 8 is actually perfect for work purposes especially when you work a lot with your cell phone. I had the note 4 for a long time and didn't get the note 5 because there was no sd card feature. And my note 7 order was cancelled, but I just got the note 8 and works pretty well. With the split screen feature it's just amazing.

  5. Battery life on the note 8 is actually good. Smaller battery doesn't mean it shorter battery life. Samsung knows what they're doing.

  6. Hey Marques need your expert advice can I update my op5 to Oreo through vpn location Germany ,as I reside in India till next no update is it safe and also is Oreo functioning as smooth as nuget on op5……… ☮️

  7. Moving from Apple to note 8 was the best. It was an iphone 5s. You can download anything!!!! Anything! And you can customize EVETYTHING on the phone. You can colour and write too!!! But I don't like the selfie. I don't like having my blemishes removed but the camera is GREAT!!!! It's better than iphone 6 and 7. Idk about iphone X. I got a cute phone case too. The battery lasts okay. Not the best but it's okay. It charges quickly though!!!!!