Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review – Doing bigger, better!

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Galaxy Note 8 skins:
Watch our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review! We live in a world full of smartphone offerings. Some are great at harnessing simplicity, others at being the best all-rounder. There are some that do a better job at addressing the audiophile and the video creator. And then there are the phones that defy everyone at offering greatness, for nearly half the price.

So when Samsung claims that its new Galaxy Note 8 is designed to “Do bigger things.” A phone that’s even priced on the premise that it can help you achieve more, well that’s kind of a tall order. The question is: can it deliver? Watch our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review to learn more.

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  1. I don't use the S Pen alot on my Note 8 either but I must confess that having it is really cool and there are times when it truly does come in handy. It is a nice plus.

  2. Yeah but 9 months to a year in a big software update breaks all the functionally of the stylus apps. And you cant backup and restore older save states. And i talking about samsung official apps like the IR blaster remote control and the other app lets you use the pen as a remote for the camera and other stuffs.

  3. I've been so used accessing the heart rate monitor on the s7 edge that the fingerprint placement isn't that bad. I've used an honor 8 for months on end too.

  4. Need help with video quality sending via text message. Video quality is great on my phone but when I send it becomes choppy. Could you help me with this please.

  5. I have no idea why the fingerprint scanner is an issue. I can reach it easily without having to adjust my hand in anyway. I advise anyone interested in this phone to hold it in your hand yourself. The speaker is loud. This is my first note and I am sold! I love this phone. The best period.

  6. Thank you for your Review.
    I'm a Manager at the Four seasons hotel and I use My Note 8 at work everyday along with the S pen! That being said, I find that I can't live without the S Pen.
    Thank you