Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is here and it’s trying to erase the memory of what happened with the Note 7 last year. By all accounts, the Note 8 is one of the best phones you can get right now, but it’s also one of the most expensive. Can it pick up the ball the Note 7 dropped?Subscribe:

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  1. I'm in the market for a smartphone and am unsure between the pixel and the note. Is your note lagging yet? Also, do you expect that the note will get any updates after Android P (which I'm crossing my fingers it'll get)?

  2. I don't know i have had the S8+ since launch and have the Note 8 and i see a huge performance difference enough so that i switched to the note 8 as my main device and back-seated the S8+ as my work or secondary phone. I love both as they are great phones but over all for me and my use case the day to day use of the Note 8 seems way more fluid and less laggy. I do use the S-Pen not as much as Samsung would like certainly but to me that is not the only difference between them. I can also noticeably see the difference in brightness (the note 8 is slightly brighter than the S8+) the biggest difference for me is the size.

  3. Even samsung has many feathur but i really enjoy with my iphone 8+ than samsung. it's bad camera like edit no real!.. iphone 8+ with note 8 to compare iphone still big deal and the best one apple

  4. Is that platform with live wallpapers an iPad? What were you guys resting the phone on? I love it. It looks like a large tablet but I'm not too sure.

  5. A very nice phone. Lot of features, it takes time to understand them. Good battery life. I am loving it. Just see the number of videos on tips and tricks for Note 8, it is enough to let you know this phone is awesome.

  6. Hey, I'm planning on buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for Christmas. I wanna ask the people who already have the Note 8, is it worth it? What are your thoughts & impressions with the phone?

  7. I guess since I've been a Note owner for years,every time I hear it's just like that S8+ KILLS ME. The main reason to get a Note is the damn S Pen. No other phone on the market has that feature. NONE. Stop comparing the damn S8+ to the Note line.