Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Unboxing And First Impressions

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Unboxing And First Impressions
Fast Wireless Charge Review,

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  1. The finger print sensor is only an issue if you keep your phone in your right hand. I'm deaf in my right ear so my Note 8 stays in my left hand, so my finger falls naturally on the sensor .

  2. Im soooo confused which one to choose to make an upgrade from the galaxy s6, the Galaxy note 8 or the Huawei Mate 10 Pro? any help out there please? or i will wait for the nokia 9?

    Thanks for any help

  3. The best review of a phone I have ever seen!!!
    Keep it up Floss. I’ve owned an iPhone 8+ for about 3 months, it’s a good phone ? but under-rated. I have been on the fence about changing it for a month now and watched countless YouTube vids about the pros & cons of the Note8! Watching this vid by Floss made my mind up! I’m selling my I-8 asap and getting the NOTE8 The ‘’Wesley Snipes version’’?! I love the ending of Floss’s vid Beam Me Up Scotty?? Simply priceless! Floss! ‘Always bet on Black’

  4. I paid 820 for my note 8! T-Mobile had a deal note 8 820 and s8 plus 820 sooo I went with the note 8 why not for the same price lol