Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy S8 – Quick Look

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 serves as the more premium of the Galaxy lines, bringing the S Pen and a dual camera not available on the Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 hands on:
Samsung Galaxy S8 review:

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  1. I am due a upgrade next month and have for the past 5 years had iPhones but I am thinking about getting the s8 or the s8 note but am nervous about leaving iOS for android any advice would be very helpful

  2. I got my S8 when it first came out and I still love my S8 the Note 8 looks dam good but my S8 looks dam good as well so I'm good for now.. Love to the S8 and S8+ and Note 8 lovers we have some dam good phones oyes

  3. I got the S8 had it the first day it came out and I still love it!! I was going to get the Note 8 but I'm going to keep my S8 just to see how well it age.. I want to see for my self will it keep up or give out I'm looking for the S9 but I'm going to hold off and see what and how long will my S8 last, and the way to know that is keep it and put it to work every day.

  4. Ive owned an S8 Plus. And I do swear by Samsung. But I get bored easy. I am waiting for any company to make a phone that can adapt with all software updates so I dont have to change my physical phone to upgrade to the new device. That would be totally cool. Until then, I sold my S8 just to try an LG k20 and in a week or so, I will upgrade to the V30 maybe

  5. Dual camera, app pairing, marginally better screen/performance/battery and a crappy pen.
    The slight improvements over the S8 and S8+ do not justify the far higher price.

    The finger sensor hasn't even been relocated, bigger isn't always better.