Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 7 Plus: How should Apple respond?

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The Note8 versus the iPhone 7 Plus isn’t exactly the fairest comparison on the market today. Instead, we want to take a look at the features where these two companies inspire each other. Water resistance, large displays, dual cameras, Apple and Samsung are the top players in this game. The Note8 is now official, so how should Apple respond?
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  1. I was an apple guy but became a note guy in the Note 5. had the iPhone 3-7 and again no innovation. Apple is too restricted and you can't really do anything with it a lot of it's new features are pretty much pointless. the Note has been a way better choice lately besides the Note 7. the Note has really stepped up this time in productivity. I know a lot of people will say that the new iPhone will look better but who gives a chip if it looks better. I'm not paying 1k for a better looking phone. I'm paying for a longer lasting productive phone.

  2. I always thought the Apple phone was ridiculously big, but the Note 8 is even bigger. Hmmm. I’m way over due for a phone though.

  3. the price tag is why i'll never get a samsung, apple on the other hand needs to put back the headphone jack for me to consider it, so i'll stay on the fence about everything until these companies start listening to us (the consumers)

  4. Wow that fucking price is ridiculous. Are they trying to sell the phone or keep it in inventory. Ill pass until they rethink that price my goodness

  5. Hi guys, Im after a portable dac/amp and thinking about Oppo ha2se but I recently dropped my phone and cracked the screen so I need a new phone aswell. The options are to fix my G4 and go with oppo or buy V20. I have been told by one of the reviewers that he would go with V20 for the sound quality. Can someone comment on that. Is that V20 quad dac that good? Thanks.

  6. I don't think Apple needs to respond at all. They've made a reputation of ignoring other companies and just assuming their superiority. Apple proves time and time again that no matter what specs Samsung throws out there an iPhone from a year ago will 9 times out of 10 out perform a Samsung device. If the Galaxy S8 didn't tempt people away from their iPhones then this certainly won't be any different… It's essentially the same phone, with a pen. People talk shit about Apple for releasing the same phone every year when Samsung essentially just released 3 iterations of the same phone within months of each other. Don't get me wrong, they're great phones and I undertand why some people prefer them over an iPhone. However apple knows what keeps their loyalists coming back year after year and they know that all they need to keep them there is to just keep making slight improvements to already smooth and successful operating system and phone.

  7. The only one apple to react are make in screen fingerprint scanner and improve camera using ois+eis with include 4x zoom maybe it will save apple

  8. 2013 iPhone 5s is going to get iOS 11 update. 2015 s6 is doubted to get even the nougat,
    forget Oreo. This proves the lasting of iPhones over any other phone.

  9. And yeah the new so called "wireless charging made by apple" won't even work with other charging pads, so yeah other charging pads manufacturers would have to pay royalties to Apple for their pads to work with the next iPhone so yeah there you have it, "Your Crapple iPhone 8" wouldn't work with restaurant tables with charging pads integrated into them anytime soon.

  10. But sad point is Samsung is still laggy. I am using galaxy s8 and it' lags a lot when opening app , like camera . I never could start camera when I needed . iOS apps are far better, even for Google apps. Also there is significant difference in using apps . In android it feels cheap ( try glassdoor app in both os). May be Samsung give lots of options in these phones but they are not optimized at all .