Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Xiaomi Mi MIX – Speed Test! (4K)

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Xiaomi Mi MIX Speed test comparison. Battle of the future is here.

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  2. Hate samsung's new display aspect ratio. It's just too narrow. Didn't buy it still just because of that. Want a Big display. But generally prefer samsung's display quality.

  3. 1st clear cached data in redmi phone after u test the fast between 2 phones redmi is compare to cheetha (leopard)but Samsung is tortoise . Samsung is very hangable smartphone it is very bad phone

  4. Xiaomi has been a good company..but if you look at their price range lately, its dangerously close to samsung flagships..i always go for aftermarket support, so i'd go for samsung..not a fanboy but if i'm going to spend a bit more i'd go all out since i don't change phones yearly