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The Tech Chap’s hands-on review with the Samsung Note9 – Samsung has launched the Galaxy Note 9 with a SD 845, variable F1.5 dual-lens camera, up to 512GB storage, bluetooth S-Pen and a massive 4000mAh battery. So is it a big upgrade and should you consider buying the Note 9?

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  1. I have the note 8 i want the note 9 so bad because the bigger battery and the spen features and the speakers i have 7 kids and live off 1000 a month literally i got lucky when comcast accidentally sent me a phone on credit even thou they sent me paper work saying i was denied but im om there plan thou due to system error i still owe 500 on the note 8 can someone tell me is it worth trying to pay it off just to get the note 9 or should i wait until after March smart comments welcome

  2. Does it supports dual SIM card (as far as I know you can either install an external memory card or use another SIM card instead)? please advise?

  3. pre-ordered this already and will have it on Aug. 24… it's definitely gonna be a worth it upgrade for me from a Note 4 (which is almost 4 years with me now and still works fine) ???

  4. I dont know why people are getting excitd by note 9. Yes its have amazing big amoled screen and bigger battery but its same old as note 8. Nothing innovative… its better to stick s9+ or wait for s10 which will be much more mind blowing.