Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Retail Unit UNBOXING

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This is the unboxing of SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 9 Retail Unit.

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  1. Watching this on Samsung Note 9 512GB/8GB ocean blue.
    I didn't opt for black color because it exactly resembles note 8.
    Ocean blue is the best color as it's dark.
    I saw copper and lavender….and did find it eye catchy.

    Well….its all about own personal choice. To each his own.

  2. The quality of samsung and apple i phones are superb ..this is the opinion of not mine singally but across the world.. people make it ambition to own it throught their lives..the main drawback is as it is clearly seen is its cost…..this phone is meant for riches and high class people with huge income they only can afford to purchase these phones…….