Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – THE TRUTH REVEALED!!!

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Final Truth Revealed, In-display fingerprint Scanner, Real Benchmark, New Crown UX & More about Note 9.

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  1. Every brand, not just Apple, is taking their costumers for granted. I personally don’t ask for a redesign every year but at least show us a noticeable improvement. After all, you are not exactly giving away these phones you know

  2. People keep getting mad at the s9 not being innovative but they have to realize that Samsung has to compete with the ecosystem of Apple, which gives their consumers the same phone procuct concept. So, Samsung has to work twice as hard just to stay relevant and keep profits progressing, which is why we didn't get innovation because the S10/note 10 and maybe even the note 9 will be the said innovation. Samsung=innovation Apple=ecosystem (sometimes innovation)

  3. I guarantee you the stuff like in screen fingerprint sensor and 92%+ body to screen ratio will be in the S10/Plus Note 10. I bet those will be the big oush along with dual selfie cameras. Snapdragon 855 and more storage. Hopefully 128gb becomes minimum. They could drop SD cards for that I would be okay. The S10 dual camera with 12mp rgb and 16-20mp monochrome for noise reduction and bokeh.

    S10+ and Note 10 will likely be 3 cameras. 12mp RGB main, 16-20mp monochrome for bokeh and noise reduction, and 12mp 4x optical zoom.

  4. I was thinking to go with the note9 but now my mind is changed and i will go for pixer3XL……i have S9+ and if samsung will not go some majour updates then why should i upgrade?….thx Xetechcare…❤ from india

  5. I don't understand the disappointment with not having an in screen fingerprint scanner. I don't care. My problem with the note is it no longer has a wider screen like the note had in the beginning. The shape of the screen was the only reason I went with the note, now it's just a "s" with a stilus.
    I also take offense to a company selling a product in one country and not others. If it be Hondas NC 750x or Samsung phones it's just rude.

  6. It a good thing nothing much is changing, because I have a note 8,and I'm sick and tired of buying a new phone every one or two years hoping it's gonna be soooooo much better… Usually I regret it because it never is … If my phone last long enough, then I'll try to wait for note 10 or 11?

  7. I'm not surprised by this. It makes no sense to upgrade every year. Especially when there just making very small changes. It's a waste of money

  8. I have been waiting for the Note 9 because of all the beautiful improvements. Now that it is just talk, I will definitely look for a better alternative. If I find that, this could mean Samsung is history for me!