Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs OnePlus 7 Pro

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So I think the Galaxy Note 9 and OnePlus 7 Pro are two of the best phones on the market right now for a premium smartphone experience without a premium smartphone price tag. But they each provide unique advantages which can make it difficult to decide between the two if you’re looking to pick up one of these phones. In this video we are going to put these two devices head to head but also take a little extra time to talk about the OnePlus 7 Pro because I was surprised to see how many of my viewers didn’t know about the 7 Pro as it made appearances in my other videos.

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  1. I really liked how you went into the topic of how the average consumer uses their phone and what the feature are. At first It felt a little off since you didn’t add a lot of details with specs and other stuff and I was going to complain about that. But then I realized that this video is perfect for people who just want to make a simple decision, you went strident to the point, I love that! 👍

  2. You should continue to make videos of last gen vs current gen phones so people can make purchase decisions.. Very few youtubers in this. Compare oneplus 7 (non pro vs s9+)

  3. Note 9/S10 are utilitarian and premium quality. OnePlus the a top-of-the-line swap meet special. I guess the 90hz is good for scrolling Instagram and such. But thats about it.

  4. Note 9 is still the undisputed Champion! Worth every penny, especially now, around $599 or less, if you shop around.

  5. Sorry ,the note 9 is the winner and also the king without rival ,this phone is incredible, iam using the note 9 ,surely is the perfect phone ever made ,yessssssss, he is the king ,note series always the best …..

  6. 2:38 daily drives an iPhone but review Androids. 🤔
    Yeah I can't prove that but saw many others tech "reviews" doing the same shit. I guess they need to hustle and make a living too. But what about us? Consumers who needs an accurate and honest review?
    Too much too ask I guess.

  7. It's hilarious people comparing prices of a old ass Note 9 to a brand new OP 7 pro. I own both phones. The OP 7 owns the Sammy all day long. Display, camera, battery, charging, in hand feel, everything. Those commenting…. Own both before commenting

  8. Note 9 hands down. Linux on DeX can replace your PC/Laptop fairly easily. Gear VR allows me to enjoy great vr games and experiences although I will be getting the Oculus Quest for an even better VR experience. As is however, nothing to me can beat the Note 9 except obviously the Note 10 when that comes out. Replying right now from Linux within the Note 9. It's become my daily PC for the last couple months or so now.

  9. Weird, when i used my Oneplus 7 Pro i could barely last a full day. Like every minute of the day i was worried about my remaining battery…

  10. This is exactly the type of video I've been looking to find on YouTube. Thank you! An excellent comparison of both phones….the only problem is, I'm still torn between the two!

  11. Both great phones, but I would go with the Note 9. Love the S-Pen and the headphone jack is a must for me.

  12. The note 9 is a complete phone that does everything well enough from my experience and I can't wait for the note 10+ beautiful design. OnePlus 7 pro, even though I don't own one, it has a buttery smooth performance from what I've been told. In my opinion, overall, the note 9 is the better phone because it's a fully packaged phone for the value vs the oneplus 7 pro which is a hybrid of midrange/flagship phone. Still, OnePlus 7 pro is great choice, if your tired of Samsung, Google, or Apple.

  13. I have been a Note user for over 5 years. My favorite was the Note 8. I have the impression that the image quality went down with the Note 9 vs 8. I would be interested in trying a OnePlus, but as you mentioned, the stylus is a nice feature that I do use frequently. Especially when I go a meeting without my PC and want to make a few quick notes, the stylus is way better than typing it in. That being said, I will likely upgrade to the Note 10 to gain 5G, however losing the headphone jack does might deter me. It's a tough decision. In my office, I still use my good old Bose QC25. So losing the jack means, I can't use the QC25 anymore.

  14. Watching on my Note 9. Note phones are the best phones made. I have been using a note phone from the very first one. I can't believe Samsung will stop making their best phone.