Samsung Galaxy S10 – A Long Term User Review!

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After spending 10 full weeks with the Samsung Galaxy S10 its time to get on with this long term user review. In order to truly understand how a phone will react over time, its important to spend time with it so there’s a true user experience rather than a simple unboxing. This time its even more interesting in 2019 since other phones like the OnePlus 7 Pro, Pixel 3A and yes even the Huawei P30 Pro.

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  1. For safety and protection, I suggest you contact zoomhacker on !nstagram. Dude is really a genius he helped me unlock my Samsung Galaxy S10 permanently few minutes ago. He is just the best I strongly recommend him.

  2. I'm still loving my S10 and I guess it will for the next couple years.
    But I sure have some issues with the fingerprint scanner but it's mostly after playing the guitar or having wet fingers.
    Otherwise it totally works for me and I actually prefer it over the face unlock.

  3. Bixby is one of my favorite parts of my phone. The combo of Bixby and Google Assistant, I can't give enough thumbs up. The S10 is still rocking in 2020 with One UI 2.1!!

  4. been looking at samsung s10 videos the past 3 days and i gotta say-your video is one of the nicest ones i've seen! straight to the point,pros&cons,nice speaking voice…thank you!

  5. Please separate your ads from the rest of the material because the mouse add was confusing. I would like to be informed when you review and when you advertise because these are two different types of messages. Thank you.

  6. Good review. I'm trying to decide today on this one or the a10e version. How did you get rid of the pre-installed apps? I hate when apps are installed that I'll never use so it hogs up a lot of my storage (as you know). Thank you for your review..

  7. I find there's a lot of stutter and jitter when recording 4k video with image stabilization on (and still a little bit with it off) and that this point hasn't been mentioned enough. It's difficult to spot on the phone screen but so noticeable when blown up to a monitor. On the other hand, the quality of night photography is amazing.