Samsung Galaxy S10+ AND Galaxy Buds Unboxing!

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Tired of S10 footage yet? Well here’s one more Samsung Galaxy S10 Unboxing and Samsung Galaxy Buds Unboxing (the new airpods competitor?). It’s a pretty fun two for 1. Which model are you most interested in Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, or Galaxy S10e? Let me know in the comments down below!

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  1. Hey Uravconsumer so quick question i know its not from the video but what station is that in the background of the video it has nj transit and path so what name is that station?

  2. If you love Apple like this comment
    If you love Samsung or other android comment why.

    For me I love Samsung because the battery has longer life, and it's good for gaming and it has an headphone jack and you can watch p*r* you know and it's friendly with Google and that's all.
    No hate pls😁

  3. I have just ordered the galaxy buds, do they come pre charged when they arive or will i need to charge them b4 i connect them to my phone?

  4. I always had a smartphone android and like 2 years ago I got my first iPhone 7plus and regretted it. I had a galaxy note 4 and now I will be getting my galaxy plus 10! Super excited and I’ll never go back to iPhone! I hate fucking hate Apple!

  5. 3:35 "a headphone jack, which is just amazing, truly revolutionary port, first of its kind, best thing since sliced bread" ok i added a bit… still funny to hear in nearly 2020 that a headphone jack is amazing haha tnx for the laugh