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Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the rumored codename for the Samsung Galaxy S10, and what it means for the product. Then we talk about the iPhone X 2018, as we hear that Apple might not include dongles this time. The HTC U12+ follows as the company has just teased an announcement date. The RED Hydrongen One follows as the company has confirmed the reasons for its delay. We end today’s show with the launch of the Nokia 6 in the US.

All this and more after the break.

– The new Nokia 6 with Android One is now officially available in the US
– RED Hydrogen One delayed until August to incorporate 4-View cameras into base device
– Save the May 23 date for the official HTC U12+ announcement
– “No dongle this year” for iPhones as headphone jack hopes fade to Bluetooth
– Samsung Galaxy S10 codename revealed, 3D sensing struggles rumored


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  1. I think they are gonna figure out the full screen experience with no top or bottom bezels. It's beyond the infinity display

  2. BEYOND= Samsung will put out the best of the best and take a big risk to hopefully beat the fruity giant that is Apple which it will not beat due to the fact the Apple fan base keeps growing astronomically as it’s OS is literally on every electronic item the people buy from cars to home use Samsung has to go way beyond Apple to win but we’ll see what happens next year when it hopefully releases to the consumers vs the quality testers still to early as it’s just a code name for the S10

  3. Fingerprint scanner on the back of the Note is fine with me. I've been using Notes since the Note 2. Main thing is Samsung have kept the stylus.

  4. Daaang that Red Hydro phone still hasnt came out? Glad i didnt waste my money preordering.. Ill never spend money on something that they wont even let you see first. Bet you its very gimmicky and not what people are expecting.

  5. The Samsung S6 looks nothing like the S8. The designs are totally different. Just look at photos of them side by side and you will notice A huge difference in design. Now the S8 and S9 are similar. That is what you should of said. As long as the S10+ has no notch and a in display fingerprint scanner, I will be happy and will upgrade from the S8+ I currently have.

  6. I think all the phone makers need to listen to the consumer (money)! Remember when Samsung removed the SD card slot! How fast did they put it back! And the iPhone X way too small and not living up to the hype
    for that phone! But they heard the consumer on iPhone Product with a Black Face… I'm just saying

  7. OMG! Adrian is finally linking products to a clickable store link so we don't have to manually find the products… ::sheds a tear and can die happy now:: :-p

  8. If Apple really does go all Bluetooth I think it's time to leave the iPhone and go to Android as much as I don't want to but Apple is really pushing my buttons lately