Samsung Galaxy S10 First 30 Things You Should Do Immediately To Make It 10x Better -YouTube Tech Guy

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In this video I go into the first things you should do immediately with your new Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, or Galaxy S10e which will make your phone 10 times better than it comes out of the box

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  1. He sounds like he knows what he's talking about, but he speaks WAAAAAY to fast for a newbie to follow, especially when you have to read the closed captions.

  2. The hidden folder is pretty much for porn. It hides everything, so no pesky points pictures popping up in regular hidden albums. Also, you can hide your porn apps, and other sources within the folder. Kinds like a whole other phone within your phone. Sucks you can store your secure folder contents on SD card. Good thing the S10+ has 128GB base storage. Now I don't feel as bad having 30GB worth of porn.

  3. amazing! Thank you so much. Will you tell me how I can prevent my samsung S10+ screen from turning off after 10 seconds? Thank you. So glad I found your video. very informative.

  4. Too fast, doesn't show what icons he's pushing if you don't pause. My brand new s10 does not show bixby home, and does not have the phone visibility option?? Stopped there and looking for someone more concise. Thanks for the effort though!

  5. Helpful, but several of the options mentioned are not available on my Samsung S10, purchased Nov 2020. It would have been very valuable if there were instructions on how to add new wallpaper to the Home screen. The options on the phone do not work.

  6. Hey please can you help me with this? I'm getting messages that says "No subject, message size 1kb, expires 13;46, Nov 7" when I get group texts! I have a Samsung Galaxy S10e

  7. Getting my S10+ in a few hours (i know i am a year late, however it is still my first flagship phone, and this video looks like it will be very useful, took notes from your video.

  8. I receive a lot of notifications and receive some when phone lock but when I receive certain amount of notification the phone simple do not receive more until unlock the phone, anyone know how to solve this with iPhone I didn't have any problem… pissing me off

  9. The phone I bought my husband for his birthday in May, a Galaxy A20, will NOT charge anymore. Tried my charger, nope. Tried holding the on button and the down volume button and then replugging the charger. . Still will not charge. We are both high risk and it would be risky for us to go into a repair store where I doubt there would be masks and distancing. They really owe me a replacement phone.

  10. I bought a samsung galaxy S10 plus 3 month ago but last 3 days i faced proximity sensor and touch screen didn't work. Please help and advise me how can i solve this problem.

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  12. Thank you for this post!! I really appreciate it! It is a little fast for older people but I was able to pause and go back to understand. There were a couple of times when you said "do this" or "press this" and I had to go back a couple of times to see what "this" was but OVERALL – EXCELLENT!! I recently got the Samung 10 and there were a few screens that were different then mine but I was able to follow thorugh the entire video by rewinding. I will be watching your other videos about my phone. My Wife just got a ZFLIP so we will be watching your videos about that phone too!! You get an A for the video and an A+ for actually taking the time to produce the video!! New Subscriber here!! Again, THANK YOU!!