Samsung Galaxy S10 in 2020 – Still Worth Buying? (Just $407)

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Is the Galaxy S10 worth buying in 2020?
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  1. I want this phone but the price is kinda expensive for me. But another phone I'm wanting to get is the Samsung Galaxy a20. The A20 seems like a really good phone for the cheaper price. But this phone is probably worth it for the price.

  2. Does anything think S10 will slow down by next year around March? I say this because my current phone the galaxy s9, started to slow down after the oneui2 update this year in march, 2 years after launch.

  3. Some advice please I have a pixel 3 and for my next phone I was thinking of getting a pixel 5 but I think I could probably get a refurbished s10 (decent company that provides a 12 month warranty) for about half the price great video BTW

  4. I am a S10 (exynos version) user ever since it was launched. After updating it to OneUI 2.1, it is facing a major battery drain issue. Many other users are reporting the same issue in their devices
    All I can say is that Samsung phones are not a good option if you plan to use it for long term

  5. Very bad battery life and i am facing heating issue from the day 1 even after visiting samsung service center. But phones looks good in hand and overall usage and fills premium in hand. But only reason to planning to change the phone is hilarious battery life.

  6. The LG G8 is basically the same phone as this but with LG's software skin. But it's $250 compared to $400+ for the S10 so it's a better deal. For $400+ I'd rather get a OnePlus 7 pro or 7t and get that bigger 90hz display.

  7. I've had The S10 for a year now and a big issue im having is that the phone gets hot with normal use or simply browsing the internet. Cant even game because the phone will become hotter than a oven
    I ran some tests and the
    cpu has an avg 140⁰ F and battery at 100⁰ F in normal use.
    And the metal aluminum sides act like a heat sink so i can barely hold the left side of the phone without burning my hand.
    Closed all apps running in background and tried using CCleaner but issue is still there.

  8. Of course why not a lot of people still choose this phone than 2020 s20 series lol because i think its still not worth the upgrade if you still have the regular s10 that is only 1 years old its just 2020 to day not far from 2019 its close