Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks & Rumours 5G, in Screen Fingerprint new display

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks & Rumours 5G in Screen Fingerprint new display

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and its ‘reimagined’ camera now well behind us, the tips are starting to really flow in about Samsung’s next instalment, the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The S10, which has been given a really cool codename, is on course to see the light of day in March 2019, so what do we know so far about the next phone in Samsung’s S range of Galaxy smartphones?


We’re expecting Samsung to follow tradition and announce the Galaxy S10 during the first quarter of 2019: most likely around the start of March or the end of February, and the annual Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona.

We know that MWC 2019 kicks off on 25 February, and with the press day usually a day earlier than that, it’s a sensible bet that the Galaxy S10 is going to get its grand unveiling on Sunday 24 February.

That date would be in line with the release dates of previous Galaxy S phones, though Samsung doesn’t always use MWC as the platform.

The Galaxy S9 was released at an event on February 25 (2018), the Galaxy S8 was released on April 21 (2017), and if we look back even further back, the Galaxy S7 was released on March 12 (2016).


Ever since the Samsung Galaxy S saw the light of day in 2010, Samsung has stuck to an easy-to-understand naming system, continuing up through Samsung Galaxy S2 to the S9, where we are now.

So the natural step for the 2019 Galaxy S would be to call it the Galaxy S10 – but that may not be what happens.

In a press conference given on 26 February 2018, reported by The Investor, Koh Dong-jin, President of Samsung Mobile, said: “Although Samsung will stick to Galaxy, we have been thinking about whether we need to maintain the S moniker or the numbering system.”

Best bets on the name if it’s not the Galaxy S10? Some people are claiming an iPhone-alike Galaxy X name might be on the cards, although that’s also the rumoured name for Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone.

One idea is that future phones will all be named the Galaxy X with the year of release afterwards, but that would get very confusing very fast. Samsung will probably wait until the last possible moment to let us know the new name, but if it’s the end of the line for the Galaxy S moniker, it certainly had a good run.


According to a reliable tipster, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will let you tear across the web and through your apps faster than ever, because it’s set to be the first smartphone to support super-fast 5G.

Weibo user ‘Ice Universe’, who has a pretty good track record when it comes to leaking sensitive Samsung tidbits, has revealed that the Galaxy S10 will come with the next-gen 5G technology on board.

This makes complete sense, as Qualcomm and Samsung have recently announced a ‘strategic relationship’ agreement, which specifically mentions the “transition to 5G”. Galaxy S10 users should, then, be able to benefit from the faster internet speeds that 5G will provide.

Whether 5G technology will be up and running in your part of the world by next year is another matter: a select number of UK, US and Chinese cities are scheduled to have it by the start of 2019, but it won’t be ubiquitous for a while.

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