Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite! The iPhone Xr Rival is here!

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Samsung is going to release 3 Galaxy S10’s. The Galaxy S10, S10+ and the S10 Lite.

The Galaxy S10 Lite is going to be the iPhone Xr Rival. It will have many premium features with a few sacrifices and at a lower cost.

Let’s dive in!

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  1. the side fingerprint sensor would be ok, but it feels like samsung is stripping too much they should have under display for the price Also, the snapdragon 845 chip? that should be 350 tops were 850?

  2. As an iPhone user, I might consider it ONLY if they offer SMALLER size than their current 5.8'' S9 otherwise I'm not interested! I hate the XR size, I hate big Android phones I really don't understand the appeal for these ever growing phone sizes, call me old fashion but Steve Jobs was right you should be able to operate the phone mostly with one hand!

  3. I want the Note 10 but basically from what I'm hearing about XR sales, the S10 Lite is already a winner. The Lite I hear also features a flat display (for those who don't like curved displays) either way this is a real budget phone and still flagship material. Of course it will have expandable storage, another plus in it's favour. BTW now you will be able assimilate external storage as internal storage. The phone will format the two sdcards (internal and external) as one. It will give you this option which is fantastic I think'. Samsung do budget phones better…they have experience and they are aware that we don't all print money (I had a better word for that). The Lite has more options, more features and will come with Android Pie out of the box and One UI. And that gorgeous AMOLED display. And they played another card…the headphone jack…good for them…although i won't be too thrilled if they remove it from the Note 10 as well. TY Saki

  4. If these rumors are true, the S10 Lite will basically be an uglier mole version of the S9 with the same processor and RAM/storage specs. The S9 will probably be cheaper than it by then so what would be the point? If Samsung is really going forward with this Infinity Mole, I'm just going to keep my S8 until one of the Chinese phones come stateside.