Samsung Galaxy S10: Three variants? – Huawei digs at Apple – New Notch Fix

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Jayce talks about this week’s Android news!

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  1. S – line, flagships models. And "entry" S line model with one camera "flagship" model? Well.. i even dont know how to comment this. I have S7 flat model for 2 years now and still dont know if i want to change it to anything…

  2. Free power banks for Apple fans!!! Don't do it Huawei again! Let those fans spend their money. They are happily willing to pay more. You had better give it to your own customers not Apple fans.

  3. Very slick marketing by Huawei… but I wouldn't go as far as to say it was free marketing, portable chargers, especially of the Huawei kind, do cost money, so it would be better to say "cheap(er) marketing"… and more appropriately "a cheap, but well deserved shot at Apple".

  4. Releasing 3 mainstream models huh? One a cheaper one with a single camera and the the other two the more premium ones, one of which having the much larger screen.

    Wonder where they go that idea from?

  5. Really hope Samsung makes the screen slide able and put a keyboard under, it would be so dope, of course they'll have to make the screen larger