Samsung Galaxy S10+ Unboxing!

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The brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is here! Check out the updated design, new display, and more. Pre-order’s begin February 21st, and the Galaxy S10 release date is March 8th! Subscribe for more:

Galaxy S10 vs S10+:
Galaxy S10e Hands On: soon
Galaxy S10 Ultrasonic Fingerprint: soon

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  1. Hey tim shofield, s10 haves a promotion to exchange a fortnite skin, i can’t buy an s10 because it’s so expensive but i would appreciate if you could put in the s10+ my fortnite account so i can get the skin (Ikonik)

  2. I am due to buy a new mobile and am seriously considering my first Samsung Galaxy mobile. I play POKEMON GO a lot and would likt to know which version would be best suited to me use please? THANK YOU in advance

  3. actually im flabbergasted when samsung separates the variant of 855 and 9820 with other countries…pls make it unified…i wait for a long time but still cant get my hands on snapdragon 855

  4. I just got my new phone after 3 years …. I got a BIG up grade than what I had. I had the Samsung Galaxy On 5 and now I have the Samsung Galaxy s10+ ! It's a really good phone if your thinking of getting a new phone!

  5. Terrible phone omg people actually like this shit, apple is way better, this phone is way too expensive,TRASH!

    Sike this phone is actually really good and makes apple look very far behind, love everything about it, wish I could afford it though, I’m stuck with an iPhone 8 yes I know iPhone but this s10 is now my favorite phone ever