Samsung Galaxy S10+ Vs iPhone 6S Plus Speed Test

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This is the Samsung Galaxy S10+ Vs iPhone 6S Plus Speed Test

Credit goes to:

Twitter name is Tech1Tv2
Snapchat name is Tech1Tv

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  1. Amazing video!!! I very surprised to see that most of the time it was a tie and sometimes the iPhone 6S Plus was faster which is shocking. And the fact that PUBG was faster on the iPhone 6S Plus proved that the iPhone 6S Plus has the potential to be better phone than the Galaxy S10 Plus at least in terms of speed. Even if some apps was faster on the Galaxy S10 Plus,the different is very small.

    Love the iPhone 6S Plus!!!
    You should compare the 6S Plus to more devices!!!

  2. The note 10 was faster but the iPhone 6s Plus wasn’t far behind this is why I buy iPhone cause when the get old they still preform almost as good as new devices