Samsung Galaxy S10e Vs iPhone XR – Fair Fight?

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I walked into this comparison thinking that I should compare the Galaxy S10e to the iPhone XS. Sure the price matches more the XR, but feature wise, it seems to be most fit to take the more expensive XS. But then I realized that that’s precisely the reason why this should be a comparison against the iPhone XR. If your budget is $750, which entry-level flagship gives you the most for your money? I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and let’s dive in.


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  1. I got the s10 over the s10e mainly because with the student discount it was $830 and it came with free galaxy buds ($130 free). If not for that maybe I would've gotten the s10e but with all the free stuff my s10 was basically the same phone but with more ram, better screen, more cameras and that cool fingerprint sensor for only $20 more.

  2. The XR has no comparison with 10e in India…as it is way too expensive than the 10e….20k rupees is a huge difference….so the 10e will always win in India…

  3. This is guy is too biased….he doesn’t knw d truu meaning of comparing…..jst sayin s10e wins everywhr without even tellin anything much about it or jst showin spec sheets wat he knws all….first learn the word compare den upload d videos

  4. What I don't get is if someone wants a new really good phone but can't afford the S10 or S10+, wouldn't it be better to get a new S9 or S9+ for several hundred dollars less and have the better screen over the E model? I don't see any real reason to get an E over the flagship from 2018.

  5. As far IOS has the potential but Apple is killing it off
    If they add some customization and some free real estate freedom i will totally throw my money for one

  6. I'll take a Samsung phone over an apple one any day. It's sad that in this day and age you need to talk about OS updates to try and shore up fading iPhone sales.

  7. Samsung so good! Galaxy S10e >>>> Iphone XR…even Galaxy A50 so good…please make a video about Galaxy A50!!!!!!!

  8. I have already watched or read 3 other reviews where the battery on the S10e outlasts the 10R by several ours so I wonder how you can back up your comment saying otherwise? I have a 10e and a Mate 10 Pro so I know good battery life and the 10e is very solid and I can easily get over 6 hours of SOT on my 10e. Check out GSMARENA and compare the battery life on these two.

  9. After using the S10+ for about a month I can positively say that Samsung now makes better phones
    I've been an iPhone user since 2011 and my last phone was an iPhone 8 Plus

  10. Great video. I felt a slight bias toward Android, but for the most part, seemed largely unbiased.

    I was an Android guy for years, and I've been a fan of Google since Google was a thing. But I'm an iPhone guy now, especially since I've just hit three years with my iPhone 6s, and it still runs good as new. Before I watched this video, I would have said I wouldn't make an even trade, my 6s for an S10e… but now, I'm not so sure. The S10e looks damn good. The XR was my first recommendation to someone looking for a new phone, but I can't in good conscience recommend it over the S10e, unless, A, someone really wants an iPhone and/or they're already in the Apple ecosystem, as you covered, or B, they want a phone that will stand by them for four or five years. In that case I could only recommend iPhone. I've never had an Android phone have my back past 18 months. They just shit out on me and a factory reset doesn't help. For the record, my iPhone 6s has never been factory reset, and it has only rebooted for system updates, which it got more of in year one than four Android phones got in six years, three of which were flagships, and one of which of those flagships got a whopping zero updates (hello Moto). So there are definitely reasons to take an iPhone despite many advantages in an Android phone, and vice versa.

  11. I love iphones, they're really elegant and pretty, but I just can't spend more money for less features and less "freedom" while using a phone tbh, so I went with the galaxy s10e, so far so good 🙂